Hashtags: Will Social Media And Apps Lead To The Demise of Domain Names?

hashtagsCurrently one wouldn’t post to Facebook, Twitter and other social media without hashtags to highlight keywords, at least not if you want the post to be found through searching. From the mundane activity to brand promotion and celebrities. So the question online marketing specialist and domain name expert Jennifer Wolfe asks in an article on ClickZ is “will hashtags take over the internet?”

Wolfe writes that “many think the domain name space is dead in favour of search, user experience, apps, and social networks, mostly driven by hashtags. But I find when I talk to Millennials or even the next generation like my 12-year-old son, they still use a browser and search actual websites. Despite the fact thatthey have grown up in a world where we can all access the Internet in many different ways, depending upon where we are, what we are doing, and what device we are using, they still go to browsers for specific functions. The website is no longer the centre of our digital universe, but it’s still an important part of it.”

“If you want to really research something, for example a trip you plan to take or for a paper you are writing, you are more likely to use a browser. If you’re not sure what you want yet or want to dig deeper into possibilities, you will likely turn to a browser to search and find what you want. And as much as apps create an easy portal, we can only manage so many apps on our devices before we reach a point of diminishing return. Once we reach that point, we need a browser or some way to manage new things we want on the Internet.” Read more