KENIC Massively Reduces .KE Domain Name Registrar Pricing In Kenya

The Kenya Network Information Center (KENIC)KENIC is a non-profit organization that manages and operates the .KE Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). This basically means that if you want to register a .KE domain name it has to be done via KENIC through one of their many .KE domain name registrars. Reports Moses Kemibaro

At the time, as was the case till the 31st December 2014, the domain names with the most popular ‘’ extension were purchased by registrars for Kes. 2,000.00 plus 16% VAT prior to being re-sold to domain name registrants (people and/or businesses like you and me) who are the end-users/owners of the domain names. This meant when marked up once again, ‘’ domain names would be sold for Kes. 3,000.00 plus 16% VAT or more on average which is more than twice what you could purchase a ‘.com’ domain name for. Clearly, this has been a problem for many even after KENIC introduced other less expensive but not quite as desirable .KE domain name extensions.

KENIC Domain Name Registration Pricing (excludes 16% VAT)

Domain Registration Old Price New Price Price Change % Reduced % Increased,, Ksh2,000.00 Ksh650.00 Ksh1,350.00 67.50% n/a,,, Ksh500.00 Ksh650.00 Ksh150.00 n/a 30.00%, Ksh1,000.00 Ksh650.00 Ksh350.00 35.00% n/a


KENIC Domain Name Renewal Pricing (excludes 16% VAT)

Domain Renewal Old Price New Price Price Change % Reduced % Increased,, Ksh2,000.00 Ksh580.00 Ksh1,420.00 71.00% n/a,,, Ksh500.00 Ksh580.00 Ksh80.00 n/a 16.00%, Ksh1,000.00 Ksh580.00 Ksh420.00 42.00% n/a


Therefore, it comes as something of a surprise (and really good news?) that from the 1st January 2015 KENIC massively reduced the pricing on most of its .KE domain name extensions for registrars including the highly popular ‘’ domain name extension. In addition, some of the lower priced extensions had their prices increased marginally as a result of the price changes which affect ALL .KE domain name extensions. This means that previous volume based discounts are no longer relevant for .KE domain name registrars so that ALL registrars across the gamut will be selling .KE domain names at the same rates which is actually good thing!

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