KEYNOTE by Sophia Bekele: Business Ethics and Victory over the DCA vs ICANN IRP


The CEO and Founder of DCA Trust Sophia Bekele, who has gone through it all in the quest for an Africa domain using the transparent and ethical channels has spoken about the surprises ,intrigues of an uncountable internet governance system in her Key note speech at the Lincoln University  in Oakland California.

Sophia Bekele Lincoln University

While citing various types of scandals from recent years like the Scott Thomson, FIFA and ICANN’s accountability meltdown and U.S. Congressional Intervention, Sophia reckons that

“knowing the time to avoid the results of unethical behavior is before it occurs, and not after.   In our profession we always say “Prevention is superior to inspection”, and in no area is this more important than business ethics.”

Speaking about the DCA vs ICANN .Africa IRP, the CEO noted that

“The point is ICANN was found that it violated its own rules, bylaws and articles of incorporation, She informed.  “Additionally, the result became a precedence setting case for other IRPs governed under ICANN, which would benefit the industry.”

“Most of such high profile cases seem always to be an INSIDE job, just like the accounting scandals in the US” Bekele said.  “I get reminded from a quote I have placed in my email signature, “They stole without hiding because their father is the chief of police”.

According to The Register UK, a reputed online news magazine in the UK which regularly covers ICANN news recently covered the .africa IRP story.  “The panel found that ICANN has broken its own bylaws by failing to act “neutrally and objectively, with integrity and fairness” when it rejected DCA’s  application and snubbed repeated appeals. Although the review panel is restricted to discovering only whether the ICANN board had acted in a way inconsistent with its bylaws or articles of incorporation, its final report included repeated references to staff behavior that demonstrated a similar failure to act neutrally or fairly, and even highlighted repeated staff interventions that consistently favored one of the two candidates”

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