M-KOPA’s New 14″ Solar Powered Digital TV

SolarM-KOPA’s Solar fortune might be turning around if their new product proves to be successful. The firm yesterday launched their 14″ solar powered digital flat screen TV targeted at  people in rural areas that might see it making some serious profits.

M-KOPA’s existing customers of their solar lighting kits who have completed paying off their outstanding M-KOPA payments will be able to upgrade to the M-KOPA + TV system where after completing the two years of payment, they will own the systems outright.

M-KOPA CEO, Jesse Moore said that,“What’s remarkable about the M-KOPA + TV is it enables customers to turn the same KES 50 per day that they used to burn on kerosene into a solar-powered 16 inch TV. We are literally turning dirty fossil fuels into a renewable, digital, modern home.”

The digital TV comes in the M-KOPA 400 option which amounts to 53,625 and comes with a 20W PV panel, a 16” digital TV, two lights, a torch, a phone charger, and a radio and is available for a deposit of KES 8,000 plus a year of daily payments of KES 125.

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