Safer Internet Day 2021: Together for a Better Internet

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an EU wide initiative to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people.

The theme for Safer Internet Day 2021 is “Together for a Better Internet.”

Over the years, Safer Internet Day has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar. Starting as an initiative of the EU SafeBorders project in 2004 and taken up by the Insafe network as one of its earliest actions in 2005, Safer Internet Day has grown beyond its traditional geographic zone and is currently celebrated in approximately 170 countries worldwide.

From cyberbullying to social networking to digital identity, each year Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and current concerns.

Safer Internet Day 2021 takes place on Tuesday, February 9th, and there are lots of ways to celebrate!

This year, Safer Internet Day activities may look a little different as we adapt to Covid-19 restrictions, and also the extra demands it may have placed on people’s time.

From doing a digital take-over, to taking your campaign online, or downloading an online safety quiz – here are 12 Covid friendly ways to mark Safer Internet Day.

1. Digital Take Over
This year, more than ever, make the most of the resources at your disposal to highlight Safer Internet Day. You could create your own online safety videos and share with friends later.

2. Send a #SID2021 letter home
Safer Internet Day can be a good opportunity to reach out to parents, to raise awareness of the activities taking place online and encourage them to become more engaged in the importance of online safety.

3. Create your own video or podcast
Making a video or podcast to mark Safer Internet Day is a creative and popular way of promoting internet safety, whether it is recording online safety tips, advice, or interviews.

4. Newspaper, newsletter or website
You can use newspaper or website to promote Safer Internet Day to raise awareness of events or activities that are taking place, or even to promote tips on a variety of online safety topics such as respectful communication, online well being, image sharing or privacy.
You could also write a Press Release and send it to your local newspaper or radio station to mark Safer Internet Day.

5. Run a survey in your social media platforms.
Carry out a survey on your social media platform with your followers to identify their thoughts on an internet safety topic or topics. This is also a good way to highlight online safety and can also be used to inform what types of issues to address for Safer Internet Day or across the year.

6. Host a virtual guest
While Covid-19 restrictions make it difficult to invite guests to give internet safety talks face-to-face,  why not consider holding a webinar or virtual talk for the same.

7. Watch an online safety video
Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to promote online safety, and to explore a range of key topics. Online safety videos can be a great way to start the discussion!

8. Take your campaign online
Create a #SID2021 Blog, website or social media campaign. Whether you are running a month-long campaign, or doing smaller activities to highlight online safety, social media is a fantastic way to broaden the audience for your message.

9. Free scripted Safer Internet Day presentations
Free and scripted presentations are available for organizations taking part in Safer Internet Day.

10. Take a quiz
Quizzes are a fun way to celebrate Safer Internet Day. Create your own Safer Internet Day quiz using online tools such as Kahoot, Menti Meter, or Quizizz.

11. #BeKindOnline – Develop an Online Code
Download an Online Code activity to help people develop and implement guidelines on internet and technology use, and to help prevent cyberbullying.

12. Put your organization on the map!