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UN Report says 3.2 Billion People Now Online, but Number Still Falls Short of Internet Target

Some 3.2 billion people are now online, representing 43.4 per cent of the global population, but the number still falls significantly short of reaching the anticipated goal of 60 per cent by 2020, according to a United Nations report released today. While the proportion of households projected to have Internet access in 2020 will reach 56 per cent, exceeding the 'Connect 2020' target of 55 per cent, only 53 per cent of the global population will be online in 2020, the report found, ranking the Republic of Korea first in the information and communication technology (ICT) 2015 Development Index (IDI). Africa ranks worst, with 29 of 37 countries in the IDI's bottom quarter, and 11 figuring last out of 167, illustrating the importance of addressing the digital divide between the continent and...

‘3G Direct Pay’ unveils Africa-wide mobile money service

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3G Direct Pay has launched a new platform that enables cross border payments across different mobile networks. Reports Capital Business The new service is available to mobile phone subscribers in over five African countries, who can now pay and be paid across different mobile carriers. The platform will support numerous Mobile Money Wallets including – M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, Vodacom, and MTN. Merchants, working with 3G Direct Pay, will be able to conveniently accept payments in real time and will be able to use all cards, bank transfer and paypal from the same single connection. “We have seen an increased desire for people to be able to safely pay to merchants via mobile money accounts across networks and borders,” said Eran Feinstein, Managing Director, 3G Direct Pay Limite

SEACOM targets African enterprise market with fibre Internet and cloud services

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SEACOM has entered the enterprise market, promising best-in-class connectivity and Cloud services that bring business customers lightning–fast bandwidth at highly competitive prices. It aims to shake up the enterprise connectivity space by offering businesses high-speed connectivity and quality bandwidth at an affordable price. Reports Businesstech SEACOM’s Business division is already signing up more than 20 corporate and SME customers a month, since a soft launch of its enterprise offering a year ago. It has also appointed more than 20 business partners to support its drive into the new market. Its fibre Internet access services have been available since January 2015, and have received positive feedback from the marketplace. Last-mile fibre is a major focus for SEACOM in the corpora

Microsoft To Expand Azure Cloud Footprint in Europe

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Satya Nadella has announced a new UK cloud region and data centre expansion, after Microsoft acquired cloud data protection company Secure Islands. Speaking at the company’s annual Future Decoded event in London, Nadella plans to release a number of data centres and a local Azure Cloud region to boost its presence in the UK in 2016. Customers from Europe, Middle East and Africa will also benefit from an expansion of data centres in the Netherlands and Ireland. The Microsoft CEO says it’s a huge milestone for the company, and will empower individuals and companies to achieve more. “Our hyperscale public cloud operates around the world, with more regions that anyone else. [We are] giving our customers, from startups, to small businesses, to public sector organisations more choice to be abl

Facebook to Use Israeli AMOS-6 satellite to Beam Internet to Africa

Social media giant Facebook will help communities living in remote regions in Africa, in the sub-Saharan region access fast internet connectivity using an Israeli satellite. Announcing the new development, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said he was partnering with Eutelsat, a European satellite operator, to connect millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa with internet. Satellite networks are well suited to economically connect people in low to medium density population areas. The AMOS-6 satellite, built by the Israel Aerospace Industries, will be ready for launch next year, according Zuckerberg. AMOS-6 SATELLITE "We are going to work with local partners across the regions to help communities begin accessing internet services provided through the satellite," said Mr Zuckerberg. Read mor...

ITU Partners With Tech Firms to Increase Internet Security for Developing Countries

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Cryptosoft announced a partnership with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a United Nations agency, to establish increased global Internet security standards focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). The alliance with the ITU, will focus on education and training in countries with less resources reports CIO East Africa "Developing countries are adopting IoT technologies at a very fast pace; securing these connections will help ensure improved global cyber security," says Ryan Johnson, founder of Neo Globe Consulting, the technology consulting group facilitating the partnership. Neo Globe will help jumpstart joint projects to equip global governments and telecom companies utilizing Cryptosoft's security expertise. One possible project is the world's most in-depth Internet o...

DCA Trust sends a warning Letter to ICANN Board on GAC consultation over .Africa

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. Days just before the ICANN Dublin meeting, DCA Trust has sent a warning to ICANN Board, through a letter posted on 14th October 2015. This letter responds to the Chair of ICANN Board, who wrote a letter to Chair of ICANN GAC “to request the GAC to clarify, or refine the earlier GAC Objection Advice that had been previously issued in April 2013 against DCA Trust’s .Africa application.” DCA Trust which has been embroiled in a battle over .africa for nearly 4 years and another 2 years in a legal battle with ICANN, won in an independent review panel decision to its favor on July 12015,  has asked ICANN not to shift blame to GAC for its own errors and omissions in making decisions over the .africa gTLD, noting that the IRP was against ICANN’s actions and not against the GAC. “Your lett

Internet Usage in Africa Rising Rapidly

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The African Internet Effect is rippling out and affecting everything it touches. The first shocks of this earthquake have been quite gentle but its power will build for two reasons.  reports Balancing Act Firstly, the African “digital change” generation are 18-30 years old. In the next five years as they get older, there will be a new tranche of “digital native” Africans. They will themselves move into positions of power and decision-making. Secondly, in the more advanced African markets 50% of phone users will have access to a smartphone or a smartphone-like feature phone. In other markets, a significant number of users will have smartphones. Argon Telecom will offer a US$40 smartphone next year and all the talk is of when a US$30 smartphone will arrive. There are two big clusters

Data remains costly In Africa but free internet may not come free

The greatest barrier to extending internet use in most African countries, is the cost of data. The greatest barrier to extending internet use in South Africa, and indeed in most African countries, is the cost of data. In South Africa one gigabyte of data on mobile networks—the only means of accessing the internet for most—is R149 (pre-paid) or about $11. This means that for millions of people in the country data is a luxury. So when mobile operators start giving some of this valuable commodity for free it warrants attention. From July, the country’s third-largest mobile services provider Cell C started offering some services such as Facebook and Wikipedia for free without paying for the data. In the telecoms industry this is called zero-rating. This is not the only example of zero-rating

Airtel looks to expand Facebook’s free Internet footprint in Africa

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Even as Net neutrality continues to kick up much dust, a top official of internet.org -- Facebook's free mobile Internet service -- has said Airtel is planning to roll it out in more African countries next month, reports Business-Standard "We have a strong partnership with Airtel and we continue to roll out internet.org with Airtel throughout Africa. With Airtel, we will be rolling it out in more countries after this month," internet.org Vice-President Chris Daniels told PTI in an interview. Airtel was the first operator to launch this service in Zambia and later expanded it to three more African countries. It did not comment on a query sent in this regard. Through internet.org, mobile users can access websites available on the platform for free. Even the websites are not required to...