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The Mpesa appeal with .africa gTLD for the unbanked!

The Mpesa appeal with .africa gTLD for the unbanked!

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With the dynamic influence in which the digital technology is growing, its clear that the world is heading to the mobile platform. History of tech trends shows that people and organizations and consequently manufacturer of tech –consumer products have fast moved from stationery PC’s to the portables, this were mostly laptops. With the recent exiting move to the mobile platform, tablets and phablets (a hybrid of phone and tablet) laptops are being quickly ditched for light hand held devices. App developers across the platforms that include HTML 5, Android, BlackBerry and IOS are increasingly developing apps that are used by the hand held devices. In Africa its reported that it’s the largest user of the mobile platform, Opera which is the owner of the opera browser recently gave a State

The poor invest in airtime to grow income, says study

Many of Kenya’s poor would rather go hungry and walk to work than be short of airtime, according to a study commissioned by the World Bank. The preference reflects the changes in spending priorities brought about by the use of mobile phones. The study found that seven out of 10 poor people — referred to as the base of the pyramid in the report — cut down on food expenses to spare money for airtime. source

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VISITORS to Kenya’s capital are often horrified by the homicidal minibuses called matatu. They swerve around potholes, seldom signal and use their iffy brakes only at the last second. They are therefore an ideal subject for a video game, which is why Planet Rackus, a Nairobi start-up, released “Ma3Racer” last year.  source

2012: A Year in Review, End of Year Message from DotConnectAfrica

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As Executive Director of DotConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust) and spearhead of the Yes2DotAfrica Campaign, it gives me great pleasure to send this end of year message at Christmas to our entire Pan-African constituency and global community of supporters and well-wishers all over the world.2012 was truly and eventful and memorable year. It was a year of many firsts and though Africa is recovering from the natural disasters faced in 2011 as well as leadership changes all over the world, we had some positive land marks as well. more

Two ICANN officials may actually be conflicted

Two ICANN directors Chris Disspain of .au policymaker AuDA and Mike Silber of the  The .za Domain Name Authority  have updated their official statements of interest  which are normaly  used by ICANN  to identify any potential conflicts on the board of Director. This moves comes after a .africa applicant DotConnectafrica lodged a complaint implicating the two saying "In our letters, we gave a full explanation of the matter, and adduced reasons to justify our fears that Mr. Mike Silber and Mr. Chris Disspain might be deeply conflicted over the DotAfrica (.Africa) gTLD issue, and how this would cause them to be strongly prejudiced against DCA’s application because of their relationship to a competing applicant for DotAfrica (.Africa)." The Ombudsman had initialy wrote a blog saying "To

.cymru beats .scot to early internet address name review

Proposed net address endings .tattoo, .transformers and .menu are among the first that could go live next year. A raffle by regulator Icann has placed them near the top of the list of applications it will review. Of the proposed new geographic suffixes, Wales's .cymru will be one of the first to be evaluated. However, .scot and .irish are likely to have to wait until 2014. The first domains to go live could enjoy an early-mover advantage. more