District Judge LIAM O’GRADY Rules Domain Names Are Not Property under Virgina Law

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A Virgina federal judge has ruled that domain names are not property under Virgina Law. The case is ALEXANDRIA SURVEYS, LLC, , v. ALEXANDRIA CONSULTING GROUP, LLC, (ACG)  Civil Action No. 1:13-CV-00891, United States District Court, E.D. Virginia, Alexandria Division and was handed down by District Judge LIAM O’GRADY The case was an appeal from a Bankruptcy court decision, which involved a lot of issues, but we are going to limit our review of the case only as it applied to disucssion related to the the domain name of Alexandria LLC, ALEXANDRIASURVEY.COM, which was ordered by the Bankruptcy Court to be sold to paythe creditors. The Debtor argued  that the domain name  and phone numbers sold to ACG at auction were not the debtor’s property, and therefore could not be properly sold as part o