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Yoza: A Mobile App For Dirty Laundry? Yes, Please

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It’s the weekend, you are staring at your pile of dirty laundry wishing there was a way you didn’t have to do it. In Kampala, Uganda there is an easy and convenient way: Yoza. Yoza is an application that connects people who need their laundry done to the people offering laundry services in the area. Solomon Kitumba, a 24 year old was inspired to start the company when he was struggling to get laundry done one weekend. He tried to find someone to do it for him and found someone, a single woman who lived right next door. A few weeks later, a working prototype for Yoza was created. Just like Kenya, in Kampala, there are a lot of students and single professionals who need help with laundry. The people offering these cleaning services may be difficult to reach. Yoza which is growing day by