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Safaricom Launches Android TV Box for Internet Streaming

Safaricom Launches Android TV Box for Internet Streaming

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Safaricom has announced the launch of an Android TV Box as part of a strategy to bring its Home Fibre service to more homes. “Our Home Fibre service has been well received as it offers unlimited internet connectivity for the entire family in an affordable, monthly, package. The TV remains central to home entertainment and the lack of a feature to directly stream content from the internet has previously been a challenge for potential Safaricom Home Fibre customers. The Android TV Box now empowers customers to connect any TV to the internet opening up a world of endless entertainment options for the family,” said Peter Ndegwa, CEO, Safaricom. The TV Box equips any TV with the capability to stream content from YouTube, Netflix, ShowMax, Hulu, Sling and other Android TV Applications.

Tech Milestone as Both WhatsApp And Gmail Reach The 1 Billion Users Mark

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It is a great week for technology as two tech giants reach the I Billion users mark. Google announced that Gmail, its email service had 1 billion monthly active users. Gmail joined the list of other Google platforms that have also gathered 1 billion users namely, Google Search, Android, Chrome, YouTube et.al. Gmail had hit the 900,000 user mark sometime before May 2015. This was followed by Facebook’s announcement that WhatsApp had reached the 1 billion mark. This meant that the WhatsApp figures had more than doubled since Facebook acquired it two years ago. The announcement came after WhatsApp announced that it would be made completely free and remain ad free. An overjoyed Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to share his joy in a post that read: “One billion people now use WhatsApp. Congr

Microsoft tweaks Outlook mobile apps for iOS, Android platforms

Microsoft tweaks Outlook mobile apps for iOS, Android platforms reports ZDnet The coming changes to the Outlook mobile apps -- which, on iOS and Android are the rebranded Acompli email apps, are outlined in an October 28 blog post from Javier Soltero, the newly minted Corporate Vice President of Outlook and former CEO of Acompli. For Outlook on iOS users, the revamped Outlook mobile app begins rolling out today. Android users will get the updates to Outlook beginning in early November. And what about Windows Phone? Microsoft plans to release an updated Outlook app for Windows Phone in November, today's blog post says, which will coincide with the start of the rollout of Windows 10 Mobile (the latter part of that statement is not in the blog post). The revamped Outlook for iOS features ...

Google Has Made It Even Easier to Make Calls For Free

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The rumors finally came true: Google just officially announced the integration of Google Voice and Google Hangouts, meaning you'll easily be able to send messages, video chat, and now call your friends and family all from one app on Android, iOS, and desktop. Before, you had to download a separate Google Voice app to make calls.  Reports BusinessInsider Good news for your relationships and your bank account: Calls are completely free in the U.S. and Canada, and international rates are pretty cheap, too (it's only 5 cents a minute to call a friend in Mexico, for instance, compared to 28 cents on a regular phone). The new version of Hangouts that supports calling will roll out to users over the next few days. If you use Hangouts on your Android phone, you'll also have to install the acco

Africa’s E-bay:-Jumia responds to Africa’s growing mobile market

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The mobile internet sector in Africa is developing rapidly, with smartphones becoming much more affordable and growing in popularity. Jumia, Africa’s leading online retailer, has taken advantage of this with a mobile app that allows an increasing number of Africans to access the e-commerce platform wherever they are. Reports africabusinesscommunities.com The number of mobile subscriptions in Africa has risen rapidly in recent years, from fewer than 25 million in 2001 to over 720 million in 2012. Moreover, many activities that would be carried out on a laptop or PC in Western countries, such as online banking or shopping, are done on mobile phones in Africa. In fact, according to a report published in June 2014 by the Swedish technology company Ericsson, 70% of internet users in the countri

Hilton digitizes systems: Guests to use Smartphones for hotel services

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Hilton Revolutionizes Hotel Experience with Digital Check-In, Room Selection and Customization, and Check-Out across 650,000-Plus Rooms at More Than 4,000 Properties Worldwide reports marketwatch.com First hospitality company to enable room selection and customization via mobile and web-based floor plansCompany also announces that guests will be able to use their smartphone as their room key in majority of hotel rooms by 2016 MCLEAN, Va., Jul 28, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In a first for the hospitality industry, Hilton Worldwide today announced its guests will have unprecedented choice and control over their entire hotel stay with the ability to check-in and choose their exact room from digital floor plans, as well as customize their stay by purchasing upgrades and making special requests ...

What’sApp with that? Facebook to shut down chat function forcing users to install its Messenger app

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For many people, chatting to friends is a major reason to use Facebook’s app on their smartphone. But soon they will have to download the social network’s partner app, called Messenger, to carry on their instant conversations. Facebook is reportedly notifying users of its popular app that they will no longer be able to send 'chat' messages and will instead have to swap to Messenger, which was launched three years ago. It follows the company's acquisition of another popular messaging app, WhatsApp, for US$19billion As Guardian Reports, Facebook will remove chat from its iPhone and Android app, forcing users to download its separate Messenger app if they want to continue sending and receiving private messages. Facebook plans to eventually require that users in all countries install the Mes

Cyber Dust: New App Deletes Texts As They Are Sent

Cyber Dust could just be the genesis of managing privacy.  How does the execution of this messaging app affect how privacy issues are percieved? A new app released in the App Store this week allows users to send texts, photos and other information and then erases all information shared by the app's users. "Cyber Dust is the newest and hottest way to chat," the app's description reads. "Don't leave a trail of everything you say. Messages disappear forever and cannot be traced. Send safe, secure & fully encrypted messages. Don't limit yourself to sending only self destructing photos when you can have entire conversations with text, photos, stickers and more." Features in Cyber Dust include: fully encrypted messages that are deleted forever, send and read confirmations, screenshot de

Small Android Brands edge Apple out of top 5 in India

With a mobile phone market growth of 24% in Q1, India has some very surprising report from IDC. A total of 60.7 million phones were shipped in India compared to a 48.8 million in Q1 of 2012. Android leads with 90% of the 6.1 million smartphone shipments with numerous no-brands taking a huge segment of the low prices Android smartphone purchases. India’s Micromax and Karbonn did exeptionally well in the market with second and third spot beating the global giant Nokia which stood at 5.9% marketshare. Micromax was at 18.8% while Kabonn at 10.9% marketshare. Other no-brands were completely high up at 25.7% and if this was grouped up as one brand could be second. more