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Google Wallet partners up to battle Apple Pay

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Google said Monday it was teaming up with the mobile phone payment firm Softcard to ramp up its efforts to counter Apple Pay in the emerging sector, with their Google Wallet. Written by AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE The California tech giant announced Google Wallet would become a pre-installed “tap to pay” app on Android smartphones sold in the US market by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, as part of the deal with the carriers’ mobile payments company Softcard. The aim is “to help more Android users get the benefits of tap and pay,” said Google Payments vice president Ariel Bardin. “We’re also acquiring some exciting technology and intellectual property from Softcard to make Google Wallet better.” The move gives Google and its large base of Android smartphones a stronger position to challenge A

Cryptocurrency: New York Could Become First City To Accept Bitcoin

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New York City Councilman Mark Levine is expected to unveil a proposal on Thursday that will allow the city to accept bitcoin as payment for fines.The bill would allow the municipality to accept the cryptocurrency for things like parking tickets and court fees, but could also include an added charge for bitcoin payments. The bill is still in its infancy and will need to be reviewed by the city’s officials before becoming a law; if passed, it would be hailed as a huge step toward mainstream adoption for bitcoin. App To Pay Parking Tickets Late last year, New York began working to find ways to make parking tickets easier to pay, which is where the concept of bitcoin payments was born. City finance officials were considering the use of a smartphone app that would allow ticket holders to pay u

iPhone 6, Apple Watch owners to use Apple Pay for shopping

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Apple Pay allows you to pay at the counter with your iPhone 6, Reports the Verge After years of filing patents while publicly deriding NFC, the company is ready to bring the mobile payments tech to the masses. Proud new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch owners will be able to use their devices to pay with a tap for everyday purchases, Apple announced today, a feature the company has been preparing for a long time. The feature is called Apple Pay, and it aims to revolutionize the "fairly antiquated payments process" we're all used to by replacing it with a near field communication (NFC) antenna, Touch ID, Passbook, and something Apple is calling the Secure Element, a dedicated chip that stores encrypted payment information. Payments are broken, CEO Tim Cook said on stage today, and it's exactly t