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Africa’s CyberSecurity debate must involve all stakeholders: says Online Security Expert, Sophia Bekele

Africa’s CyberSecurity debate must involve all stakeholders: says Online Security Expert, Sophia Bekele

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Source: CIO East Africa The African Union’s Convention on the Establishment of a Credible Legal Framework for Cyber Security in Africa (AUCC) – which seeks to intensify the fight against cybercrime across Africa in light of rising incidences of cybercrime – has been the focus of debate recently. In view of this and to further shed light on online security issues in Africa, CIO East Africa sought the views of Ms Sophia Bekele, an internet security expert and international policy advisor over internet and ICT. Below are excerpts: 1. As regards the state of online freedom in Africa, what are the major issues surrounding online freedom of expression in Africa? What is the best way to empower users to stay safe online while protecting their freedom of expression?  Technology-wise, Africa is
Sophia Bekele: An Ethiopian woman fighting for .africa, a new generic Top-Level Domain

Sophia Bekele: An Ethiopian woman fighting for .africa, a new generic Top-Level Domain

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Sophia Bekele: A lone voice crying in the African wilderness and fighting for the delegation of the .africa (pronounced ‘DotAfrica’) new generic Top-Level Domain. Here are some of the highlights of Ms. Bekele from the coverage by theReporter She has been on various forums discussing and presenting on the DNS Industry and its benefits to Africa under the Multi-Stakeholder Internet Governance (MIG) Framework. She has been very active in the Internet Domain Name Service (DNS) Industry since 2005, when she was first elected as the first African to serve on the gNSO Policy Advisory Council of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN.) The ICANN generic Names Supporting Organization undertakes policy advisory and policy development processes for Internet generic names.

DotConnectAfrica sent appeals letter to United States Congress for an independent Ombudsman warning for a successful outcome of the new gTLD program by ICANN

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“it is important that any new Internet Expansion Initiative such as the new gTLD program be seen as an important test of mettle for ICANN, and for this organization that is under (the IANA) contract to the United States Government to deliver such a new gTLD program successfully.   Any failure will be roundly seen as ICANN’s inability to demonstrate to the global community of nations that it is a competent U.S.-based institution that can handle Global Internet Governance and question why this status quo must be preserved.” DotConnectAfrica an organization that is reputed for a 6 year composite program to set up a registry recently  has written an appeal letter to the US Congress, addressing Honorable Senator John ‘Jay’ Rockefeller IV  Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on  Com

African Union Cybersquatting a Continental Top Level Domain “.africa”

Africa has made the news once again, in the technology sector and as the most attractive continent in the world in terms of technology and business. It’s clearly the next emerging market with top tech and blue chip firms jostling to set up regional head quarters. . In the technology frontier and especially the internet and domain related businesses, Africa is smack in the center of a simmering row between two organizations that are applying to get the go ahead from ICANN to set up and manage the African registry under the .africa generic top level domain. . The major reason of cause for conflict is the involvement of the African Union which initially offered an endorsement to one applicant DotConnectAfrica in the year 2009. The endorsement was however was claimed to be revoked after operat