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3 more new GTLD NGPC denials and an Amazon ‘no resolution’

The New gTLD Program Committee denies reconsideration requests for .hotel, .direct and .merck but is yet to make any decision for .amazon. Will this be made in Argentina? Reconsideration Request 13-6, Hotel Top Level Domain S.a.r.l. Whereas, Hotel Top-Level-Domain S.a.r.l's ("dotHotel") Reconsideration Request, Request 13-6, sought reconsideration of the 8 August 2013 Expert Determination from a dispute resolution panel established by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution dismissing dotHotel's objection to the new gTLD application for .HOTELS. Whereas, the Board Governance Committee ("BGC") considered the issues raised in Request 13-6. Whereas, the BGC recommended that Request 13-6 be denied because dotHotel has not stated proper grounds for reconsideration and the New gTLD Pro...