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Suggestive blueprint for the future oversight of ICANN?

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Written by Brenden Kuerbis For internetgovernance.org The reaction to last weeks announcement from the leaders of the “I* organizations” (ICANN, the RIRs, IETF, IAB, W3C and ISOC) on the future of Internet governance has been overwhelming.  Judging from the 90,000+ visits to the IGP blog’s brief analysis of the situation, there is a global groundswell of interest in its implications. We suggested last week that the USG has lost its chance to lead the transition away from its unilateral oversight of ICANN.  The I* orgs, in alliance with at least one like-minded government (Brazil), have shrewdly positioned themselves to do so. However, the details about how such a transition would occur are absent. What would a newly independent ICANN look like? How would it be held accountable to its sta