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Central Bank of Kenya gives warning on virtual currencies like Bitcoin

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The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has taken a stand on the use of the virtual currencies such as Bitcoin in Kenya warning on its use. In a press release, the body says: The attention of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has been drawn to media reports  on the use, holding and trading of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin in Kenya. Bitcoin is a form of un-regulated digital currency that is not issued or guaranteed by any government or central bank. Domestic and international money transfer services in Kenya are regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya Act and other legislation. In this regard, no entity is currently licensed to offer money remittance services and products in Kenya using virtual currency such as Bitcoin. This is to inform the public that virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are

BitCoin: Dutch man Martijn Wismeijer embeds chips in hands to store cryptocurrency

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The founder the bitcoin ATM firm, Mr Bitcoin, has embedded a tiny chip in his hands to keep his digital currency safe, which also gives him an in-body set of keys and an alarm clock. Reports RT Dutch entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer has had an NFC (near-field communication) chip injected into each hand between the muscle and skin tissue. The ultra-cautious Mr Wismeijer says it’s crucial to get the chips encrypted to prevent theft, although actually stealing the chips would be tricky, bloody and painful for their owner. Each chip, manufactured from glass, is 2mm x 12mm, and can hold up to 888 bites of programmable memory, the equivalent of about 26 condensed bitcoin private keys. @ralphtheninja Correct. They are two NTAG216 NFC tags and experimented with Bitcoin and other crypto. pic.twi

Passwords of about 5 Million Email Accounts Published Online by Russian Hackers

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A user of a Russian cryptocurrency forum has published a list of nearly 5 million email accounts and their passwords, reports BusinessInsider The Daily Dot reports that a forum poster known as "tvskit" posted a list of 4,930,000 email addresses and passwords on Russian Bitcoin forum BTCsec. It was claimed that around 60% of the passwords were valid, although forum administrators quickly removed the file and redacted the passwords. BTCsec A screenshot of the email horde. Some forum users who viewed the unredacted list claimed that the passwords shown were around 10 years out of date. Other accounts shown have been suspended or deactivated for years. Along with Gmail accounts, the list also included email addresses for Yandex, the Russian search engine. The affected Gmail account