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Nigerian bank IT worker sought after $40m cyber heist

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A Nigerian IT worker is wanted by police after a major cyber-heist at the bank where he was employed. Reports a Nigerian blog 38-year-old Godswill Oyegwa Uyoyou is alleged to have brought a team of other conspirators onto bank premises disguised as maintenance workers, and assisted them in accessing bank computer systems. Once in, they proceeded to initiate transfers amounting to 6.28 billion Nigeria Naira ($40 million, £23.5 million), with the money believed to have ended up in bogus accounts controlled by the gang. They were apparently in the process of withdrawing funds when their activities were spotted. Local reports kept the name of bank quiet, describing it only as "a new generation bank", but others have named it as a branch of Skye Bank, a Nigeria-based banking group operati

Top cyber security threats in 2013 revealed

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The top cyber security threats in 2013 reportedly included hacktivists targeting users’ privacy at the top spot, followed by cyber espionage campaigns along with the newest craze of stealing bitcoins. Security firm Kaspersky Lab said that the revelations about the cyber crime raised questions about the way the Internet is used nowadays and the type of risks faced by users. The firm said that this year’s top most security threat had been the breach of users’ privacy and the loss of trust following the infamous revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden that made every individual suddenly unsafe even in their homes. The security firm pointed out that one of the first visible effects of the leaks had been the shutdown of encrypted e-mail services such as Lavabit and Silent Circle. The