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ICANN e-mail accounts, zone database breached in spearphishing attack

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Password data, other personal information of account holders exposed Unknown attackers used a spearphishing campaign to compromise sensitive systems operated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a coup that allowed them to take control of employee e-mail accounts and access personal information of people doing business with the group. Reported by Arstechnica. ICANN, which oversees the Internet's address system, said in a release published Tuesday that the breach also gave attackers administrative access to all files stored in its centralized zone data system, as well as the names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, fax and phone numbers, user names, and cryptographically hashed passwords of account holders who used the system. Domain registries use the data...

World Economic Forum website closes after email address leak

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Security research firm finds vulnerabilities in the website of the WEF, which organises the annual conference in Davos A security flaw on its website led to the World Economic Forum at Davos leaking attendee's email addresses for at least five days in mid-January. Embarrassingly for the organisation, even while their insecure website was exposing attendees' information, the World Economic Forum released a report arguing that a failure to deliver "a robust, co-ordinated approach to cybersecurity" could cost the world up to $3 trillion. The security flaws were revealed by information-security firm High-Tech Bridge, which discovered three major vulnerabilities on the WEF website, as well as one lesser vulnerability that leaked the emails of users. The major vulnerabilities were all of a t...

Cybercriminals developing more malware

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According to the report, mobile malware was the most significant statistical category for the second quarter, in both quantity and complexity. Not only are cybercriminals developing more malware targeting mobile platforms, they are also advancing the programmes’ capabilities and behaviours. In addition to mobile malware, cybercriminals’ focused heavily on implementing campaigns designed for illegal bitcoin mining and theft as the digital currency’s value rapidly increased during the second quarter. Q2 2013 Malware Statistics: The following data was obtained using the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). All statistics were compiled with the full consent of users participating in KSN. Kaspersky Lab products detected and neutralised a total of 983,051,408 threats in the second

How cyber-criminals are planning to attack in 2013

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CAPE TOWN - Software vulnerabilities will be the main target of cyber-criminals next year. This is according to a list, compiled by PandaLabs, Panda Security’s malware laboratory, of the security trends that will predominate in 2013. According to Jeremy Matthews, Panda Security’ country manager, “It is undoubtedly the preferred method of infection for compromising systems transparently, used by both cyber-criminals and intelligence agencies in countries around the world. more