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Cybercrime and espionage costs estimates upto $445 billion annually

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A Washington think tank has estimated the likely annual cost of cybercrime and economic espionage to the world economy at more than $445 billion — or almost 1 percent of global income. Writes Ellen Nakashima and Andrea Peterson for Washington PostThe estimate by the Center for Strategic and International Studies is lower than the eye-popping $1 trillion figure cited by President Obama, but it nonetheless puts cybercrime in the ranks of drug trafficking in terms of worldwide economic harm. “This is a global problem and we aren’t doing enough to manage risk,” said James A. Lewis, CSIS senior fellow and co-author of the report, released Monday. The report, funded by the security firm McAfee, which is part of Intel Security, represents one of the first efforts to analyze the costs, drawi
Spammers Piggyback on Boston Marathon Attack

Spammers Piggyback on Boston Marathon Attack

Cybercriminals don't hesitate when they see an opportunity to spread malware. Not even when it means exploiting as horrific an event as the Boston Marathon bombing. There's nothing new about this, of course. From big news events like Osama Bin Laden's death, to lightweight showbiz stories -- anything about Emma Watson, for example -- cybercriminals are always on the lookout for credulous clickers. Emails containing links that genuinely send traffic to video footage of yesterday's bombing, are also geared to infect devices with a Trojan Horse. According to Sophos researchers, dangerous subject lines include: Aftermath to explosion at Boston Marathon Boston Explosion Caught on Video Video of Explosion at the Boston Marathon 2013 This is no small potatoes. The SANS Institute Internet...