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ntldstats: 80% Of All New gTLD’s Are Parked

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ntldstats: 80% Of All New gTLD’s Are Parked & Has Stats For Each Extension; .Buzz Has The Least reports.  Michael Berkens of theDomains.com  ntldstats.com, has added parking stats to its system, both overall and by each new gTLD extension. Overall ntldstats says that just over 80% of all new gTLD domain names are parked. Last week Verisign announced as of June 29th only 3% of all new gTLD resolved to “business websites”  which I assume by definition excludes personal websites and which may account for the difference. Parked domains are defined on the site as any domains which has a traditional parked page which also seems to include registrar placeholders as well as any non-resolving site and those “without content”, those without a DNS record, and those being redirected to anoth