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Google vs EU: Right to be forgotten sounds attractive but does it solve anything?

Google vs EU: Right to be forgotten sounds attractive but does it solve anything?

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The Economist:MAX MOSLEY enjoyed sexual practices which many might find odd. But that was his business, so when in 2008 a now-defunct British tabloid wrongly dubbed him a participant in a “sick Nazi orgy”, he sued it for breaching his privacy and won. The allegations, however, remain on the internet. If you type in “Max Mosley”, Google (whose boss Eric Schmidt is a non-executive director of this paper)* helpfully tries to complete the search: the first four options are “video”, “case”, “pictures” and “scandal”. He—and many others who feel their lives are tainted by the smears and irrelevancies which search engines link to their names—want redress. Many European politicians are sympathetic to this. Countries such as France and Britain have long allowed the erasure of criminal records once c

IPv6: Switzerland is now the world’s biggest adopter

Switzerland has raced to the top of the league table of world IPv6 adoption. IPv6 adoption stands at 10.11 percent in Switzerland – the highest penetration of any country, according to stats from Google, which takes a snapshot of adoption by measuring the proportion of users that access Google services over IPv6. Switzerland is thought to have taken the top spot in late May, overtaking nearest rival Romania which has led IPv6 adoption for around a year. Romania's IPv6 adoption now stands at 9.02 percent, Google says. Cisco also measures IPv6 progress by allotting each country a score based on various individually-weighted elements, including the number of IPv6-enabled websites and transit networks, users on IPv6, and activity around IPv6 prefixes (whether they've been requested or are l

Europe’s four biggest operators reportedly in talks to create EU-wide mobile network

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Despite owning large shares of independent markets across Europe, the continent’s major operators have reportedly entered talks with the view to creating an EU-wide mobile network capable of uniting national markets,the FT reports. According to the newspaper, telecoms executives from Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Telecom Italia and Telefonica met with the EU’s competition more

EU passes resolution against ITU designs on the internet

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THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT has passed a resolution opposing the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) assertion that it should control the internet. The ITU will hold a behind closed doors meeting on 3 December where it is expected to claim that it should have control over the internet. That prospect led to Google saying that would result in censorship and threaten innovation. Now the European Parliament has passed a resolution stating that the ITU or any single organisation is not the appropriate entity to claim regulatory authority over the internet.The Inquirer (http://s.tt/1uyQj)