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Google Will Use Your Google+ Photo In Ads Starting Today Unless You Turn It Off

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After announcing a new update to their terms of service back in November, Google will start using your profile information in advertisements that will appear to contacts in your Google+ circles. This means that your profile name and photo could pop up in the form of recommendation regarding an app in the Google Play Store. Fortunately, there's a way to opt out of it. Here's how. Once you access your Google+ profile, click on Home. A drop down menu should appear. Go to settings. After that, you'll see the Shared Endorsements option. Click on Edit.   Screenshot Scroll all the way down to the bottom. Make sure that box is unchecked if you don't want your info appearing in these ads. Google needs permission to do this.      Source :

Net benefits How to quantify the gains that the internet has brought to consumers

Measuring the economic impact of all the ways the internet has changed people’s lives is devilishly difficult because so much of it has no price. It is easier to quantify the losses Wikipedia has inflicted on encyclopedia publishers than the benefits it has generated for users like Ms Mollica. This problem is an old one in economics. GDP measures monetary transactions, not welfare. Consider someone who would pay $50 for the latest Harry Potter novel but only has to pay $20. The $30 difference represents a non-monetary benefit called “consumer surplus”. The amount of internet activity that actually shows up in GDP—Google’s ad sales, for example—significantly understates its contribution to welfare by excluding the consumer surplus that accrues to Google’s users. The hard question to answer