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Google To Shut Down PageSpeed Service For Accelerating Websites

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Google is shutting down PageSpeed Service, its hosted solution for optimizing websites for faster delivery, on August 3. Developers have until then to change their DNS settings or their sites won’t be available anymore. New sign-ups have already been disabled. Reports Tech Crunch PageSpeed Service, which launched four-and-a-half years ago, applies a number of optimization techniques to a site to get it to the user faster. This ranges from compressing images to optimizing cache settings, JavaScript and CSS files. The service also caches static assets and then delivers them from Google’s servers around the world. In many ways, PageSpeed Service is similar to what CloudFlare does but without the focus on security. Because Google also offers most of the features of PageSpeed through a module

YouTube marks 10 years by opening new studios for filmmakers

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It was 10 years ago to the day that the global phenomenon that is YouTube was born, when Jawed Karim uploaded and starred in the first ever video on the file sharing website. Reports IBTimes The then 25 year-old posted the 19-second clip titled "Me at the Zoo" on 23 April 2005 at 20:27 PDT, which was filmed at San Diego Zoo's elephant enclosure. The unassuming video in praise of elephants, marked the humble beginnings of the third most-popular website on the planet. Karim co-founded YouTube along with former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. A self-professed nerd, the Bangladeshi-German internet entrepreneur was credited with having created PayPal's real-time anti-fraud system during his tenure with the company. Obsessed with technology and learning, Karim originally dreame

Online shopping: Is Google taking over amidst EU antitrust rules?

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Using Google search results is a well-known way to boost your business, but now the search engine has been accused of unfair practices to promote its own shopping links. Katie Wright searches for the truth in the allegations... The European Commission has issued a Statement of Objections about the display and ranking of Google Shopping results, accusing the search giant of displaying its own price comparison service results more prominently than those of rivals. "I am concerned that the company has given an unfair advantage to its own comparison shopping service, in breach of EU antitrust rules," commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced at a press conference, kickstarting a case which has been dragging on for more than four years. "Google now has the opportunity to convince the Commiss...

Here Is Google’s Internal Response to the Imminent EU Charges (Memo)

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  On Wednesday, the European Union (EU) is expected to drop the hammer on Google, charging the company with violating antitrust rules with its search dominance. It’s the tail end of a five-year investigation from the EU’s competition commission, and a prolonged regulatory headache for the search giant. It could be costly too: The EU is reportedly plotting a fine as large as $6.4 billion, roughly a tenth of Google’s annual revenue. The Financial Times first reported the news. And Google is prepping a response. Re/code obtained an internal memo discussing the impending charges. Google calls the EU’s decision “very disappointing news.” To make its case, the memo includes a trio of charts, from comScore and Google internal data, showing shopping site searches in Germany, France and the

Facebook, Google tricking Africans with “free” services?

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Google and Facebook are at the forefront of a scramble to win over new African Internet users, offering free services they say give a leg-up to the poor but which critics argue is a plan to lock in customers on a continent of 1 billion people. Africa's Internet penetration will reach 50 per cent by 2025 and there are expected to be 360 million smartphones on the continent by then, roughly double the number in the United States currently, Mckinsey Consultants data shows. Africa had 16 percent Internet penetration and 67 million smartphones in 2013. This growth is attracting interest from Internet companies such as Google, Facebook and Wikipedia, which are striking deals with service providers such as Vodacom, MTN, Bharti Airtel and Safaricom to offer users free, or 'zero-rated' access ...

Epic Google snafu leaks hidden whois data for 280,000 domains

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Google accidentally leaked hundreds of thousands of whois customers' personal details — and didn't notice for 2 years Google has accidentally leaked the personal details of more than 280,000 customers, Ars Technica reports. The fault first appeared back in mid-2013 — but it has only recently been discovered and fixed, meaning people have been at risk for years. Identified by security researchers at Cisco, the vulnerability affects websites registered via Google Apps for work, using the registrar eNom. The owners of the websites in question had all opted into "WHOIS privacy protection," which means that when someone WHOISes — or queries — the website, the personal details of the individual who registered it are hidden. You might use the service if you're an anonymous political blogger, o

Yahoo’s Search Share Dips For First Time Since Firefox Deal Began

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  Danny Sullivan discussed the February search share stats on Search Engine Land. Yahoo dipped after posting gains in the previous two months. The dip wasn’t that big but the company had some good momentum going over the previous two months. The data from StatCounter shows: Google: 78.7% (+0.1%) Yahoo: 10.1% (-0.1%) Bing: 9.8% (+0.1%) From the article: Yahoo’s share of search in the United States has dropped for the first time since it signed a deal to be the default search engine in Firefox. The drop follows two months of impressive gains. The loss suggests that a “high water mark” has been reached for gains the deal can produce for Yahoo and that “switchback” by Google users may now slowly cause Yahoo to give back share. A Small Drop For Yahoo In the middle of last November,

Google now wants to be a mobile carrier

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It’s a new year, which means we’re all ready for a new round of speculation that Google will become a mobile carrier. Right on cue, The Information’s Amir Efrati published a report saying Google will shortly begin offering its own mobile plans by becoming a mobile virtual network operator – a network-less service provider that buys capacity on another carrier’s infrastructure. by Kevin Fitchard I’m not trying to bust Efrati’s chops – well, maybe a little – as he’s rarely wrong, but this is a story that’s been ‘evolving’ for the better part of the decade. Last year, The Information reported very much the same story with a few details changed. At that time Google was in discussions with Verizon and Sprint to use their networks. Today the discussions are with Sprint and T-Mobile and the effo

Microsoft slams Google for disclosing a Windows security flaw 2 days before Microsoft planned to issue a fix

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Microsoft irked by Google's revealing of Windows 8.1 security flaw Microsoft has heavily criticized Google and the company's security disclosure policy after Google publicly revealed a Windows 8.1 security flaw just days before Microsoft planned to issue a patch to kill the bug. Chris Betz, senior director of the Microsoft Security Response Center, said in a lengthy blog post that the threat landscape is becoming increasingly complex, and it is time for companies to stand together in response -- rather than stand divided when it comes to cybersecurity strategies, such as in vulnerability and threat disclosure, as well as the release of security patches and fixes. This declaration comes after Google released details concerning a Windows 8.1 security flaw two days before Microsoft was d...

Facebook Starts Auto-Enhancing Photos Tool

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Facebook has started an Auto-Enhancing Photos Tool. The tool could make it much quicker to post well-lit photos so you can share on the go and get back to what you were doing. Reports Pctechmag Facebook and the other social apps are locked in a battle for photo sharing. To the winner goes tons of engagement. That’s why Twitter just revamped its filtering interface, Snapchat started letting you dual-filter with color filters and its geo-filter titles, and Instagram todayadded five new filters. Google+ added a similar auto-enhance feature a year ago.