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Kenya becomes the third African country, after Tanzania and Zambia, to get free internet from Facebook

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Kenya  will become the third African country, after Tanzania and Zambia, to get free internet from Facebook, according to a message posted on Internet.org  below Today Internet.org reached a special milestone. With our announcement in Kenya this morning, free basic internet services will soon be available to more than 100 million people worldwide. We still have a lot of work ahead to make Internet.org available everywhere and to help 5 billion people connect and use the internet, but our recent launches in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia are a good start. Kenya already has a thriving startup ecosystem and the internet is already making a big impact, with millions of people using services like mobile banking over SMS. To fulfill this country's full potential, we need to help everyone connec

Facebook’s Internet.org app launches in East Africa

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Facebook is broadening the scope of its Internet.org initiative in Africa, launching its app for the program in the East African country of Tanzania. Reports PcWorldIn July, Facebook launched its Internet.org app in the Southern African country of Zambia.Tanzanian mobile phone operator Tigo has announced that it is offering customers an opportunity to buy low-cost smartphones for them to be able to access the Internet.org app. Facebook and other tech companies launched Internet.org last year as a project to make the Internet accessible to people in emerging markets. Facebook has been working with local telecom providers to roll out Internet.org apps free, with options to upgrade to paid services. Facebook’s Internet.org app provides people with free access to basic internet services so t