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Kenya, Morocco ranked globally as Africa’s leaders on e-participation

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The United Nations recently released a survey, E-GOVERNMENT SURVEY 2014: E-GOVERNMENT FOR THE FUTURE WE WANT showing how e-Government initiatives are being applied in various regions of the world. And Africa is lagging behind. The continent scored lower than any other region in the world. Africa had an average e-Government development index (EGDI) of 0.2661 compared to the global average of 0.4712. The report denotes: “Tunisia and Mauritius are the two highest-ranked countries in Africa, with Egypt, Seychelles, Morocco and South Africa following closely behind and showing progress as compared with the 2012 Survey. However, Africa as a whole exhibits a regional digital divide with most internet activity and infrastructure concentrated in South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Mauritius and Seychel

Eastern Africa member countries discuss Sharing Internet Infrastructure

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Eastern Africa member countries are currently deliberating on how they can put up regional internet exchange points to contain local Internet traffic and reduce costs associated with traffic exchange between Internet Service providers. Reports All Africa In a weeklong forum jointly organised by African Union Commission, East African Communications Organisations, The East African Community and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the 11 partner states are focused on ensuring that internet traffic is routed locally, which according to experts will help improve Internet service providers efficiency. The countries present include; Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Mauritius, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea. Currently internet traffic across the region ...