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DotConnectAfrica’s Government Objection sponsored by ICANN – Towards a failure of the New gTLD program

As a matter of routine to be open the internet community ICANN surprised many by the revelations of its FY14 Operating Plan and Budget . Mind boggling figures are intended to stretch ICANN through its 2014 fiscal year. ICANN indicates that the Projects are also inclusive of funded project activities based on ICANN's strategic priorities as documented in the adopted three year 2013-2015 Strategic Plan. ICANN also expects to cater for an increasing staff capacity perhaps to match the increasing global coverage as ICANN attempts to get a global image. ICANN also posted the relevant budgeting for the meetings that it organizes three times every year. The most critical and visible within the budget allocations were the GAC Spending for the two latest ICANN meetings. ICANN sponsored 17 undi...

It is time for ICANN to walk the talk of accountability and stop playing the lame duck

Adding Africa to the Case: ICANN has long been the greatest promoter of the Multi Stakeholder process where every upcoming development issue was managed in a bottom up process. However having been interested in the New gTLD game, and blogging about it since it started, I was just beginning to start questioning ICANN's accountability and transparency issues when I think my suspicion was validated with a report covered by the new internet report  titled Walking the Talk: ICANN must address its Accountability Meltdown. The author writes: “Looking back over the record, we find ourselves increasingly alarmed. ICANN the corporation has jettisoned all pretense of bottom up policy development. Its staff has taken direct control of most essential policy decisions. Its board is clearly impotent:

Two ICANN officials may actually be conflicted

Two ICANN directors Chris Disspain of .au policymaker AuDA and Mike Silber of the  The .za Domain Name Authority  have updated their official statements of interest  which are normaly  used by ICANN  to identify any potential conflicts on the board of Director. This moves comes after a .africa applicant DotConnectafrica lodged a complaint implicating the two saying "In our letters, we gave a full explanation of the matter, and adduced reasons to justify our fears that Mr. Mike Silber and Mr. Chris Disspain might be deeply conflicted over the DotAfrica (.Africa) gTLD issue, and how this would cause them to be strongly prejudiced against DCA’s application because of their relationship to a competing applicant for DotAfrica (.Africa)." The Ombudsman had initialy wrote a blog saying "To