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East Africa to have uniform tariffs for Mobile calls starting October

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The East African Community (EAC) has moved a step closer to making the One Network Area initiative a reality, a move that would see subscribers paying a uniform tariff for mobile calls within the region. Reports CIO East Africa As a first step, three EAC member states – Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda – have embarked on a pilot that will see mobile calls from and to within three countries charged at a uniform rate of Kshs 8.7 (US $ 0.10) from October 8 as part of the One Network Area. The two other EAC members – Tanzania and Burundi – will adopt the new call charges from December 31 this year. This will be a slight reduction in the current rates charged for calls within the region, which are of course higher than those charged for calls to either Europe or US. At the moment, it costs Kenyans Ks