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More irregularities and misrepresentations of .africa endorsements from African governments? Noisiest Battle of all gTLDs!

"No one should confuse a letter sent by an African country government to the AU to support the request made by the AU to ICANN that the .Africa name should be reserved for it by ICANN, as a valid endorsement for UniForum ZA Central Registry as an applicant for .Africa", said DotConnectAfrica in a letter to ICANN. It’s becoming one of the noisiest domain battles in the history of ICANN. DotConnectAfrica and Uniforum have been on serious contention over who will take the establishment of the first African gTLD registry. However, from the developing stories and fights within the African fraternity, there is a serious underlying problem of governmental involvement that has not been fully addressed. This follows a reference by one applicant Uniforum who is insisting on being the preferred one.