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Value of generic top-level domains is sagging says Sedo Survey

When asked by a domain name exchange whether their companies are really into the domain name market these days, a huge number of American respondents said no. Reports By Scott M. Fulton, III It’s very rare that a consumer survey sponsored by a company providing a service to those consumers sounds a warning about the […]

Senator Jay Rockefeller blasts .Sucks as a gTLD, Asks ICANN to reject it

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) thinks .sucks, one of hundreds of new generic top-level domains being considered for the Internet by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, should not be approved because it will undermine the credibility of Icann’s gTLD expansion. The only apparent purpose of .sucks, Rockefeller says, is to extract defensive registration […]

Delays in .africa launch as African Countries slow to reserve dotAfrica

The dotafrica domain has been staged for more delays as both applicants Uniforum ZACR and DotConnectAfrica Trust are facing various delays in processing their respective applications.  The domain is among the 1930 that were applied for in early 2012. Currently ICANN has put over 100 new top level domains in the root ready for delegation. […]

More wake up call for ICANN not to be silent on Conflict of Interest issues

ICANN is one of unique organizations in the world and it introduced the Multistakeholder model a governance structure which seeks to bring stakeholders together to participate in the dialogue, decision making, and implementation of solutions to common problems or goals. According to Lawrence E. Strickling, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, and NTIA Administrator, […]

It is a Go for ‘dotScot’

‘Deal reached’ on .scot internet domain SCOTLAND is set to receive its own internet domain after an international authority gave permission for the country to have its own unique web addresses. Not-for-profit company Dot Scot Registry (DSR) has announced that it has agreed terms with international regulators to operate a new .scot domain. The International […]

Uniforum’s Reserve Names lists (RNL) development doesn’t signify that a domain is going to be delegated

ICANN is currently processing new gTLDs, and from the 1930 applications presented in 2012 application phase, not all of them are guaranteed to go through. ICANN gave the following statistics as of January 17th 2014: 989 applicants have been invited to Contracting, 382 applicants have responded to their Contracting Information Request invitation, 301 contracts have […]

New TLDs come out with a whimper

Those hoping for a “big bang” of new TLDs are surely disappointed in how the rollout is taking place. I’ve talked to a number of new top level domain name applicants who believe new TLDs need to come out with a “big bang.” A bunch of great domain options backed by big marketing budgets need […]

ICANN Auction Rules Cause a Stir

By Stephanie Duchesneau, on  business2community The applicant community is working its will on the rules for generic top-level domain (gTLD) auctions published by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). But, as always, ICANN is no pushover. ICANN posted the new gTLD auction rules for public comment last month after community outcry over […]

Shocking; ICANN May Make Money Off The New gTLD Program

As written by Michael Berkens on thedomains.com ICANN released its 1st  quarterly financial statement, as Domainincite.com,  pointed out, ICANN has spent $119.2 million of its original $344.9 million program budget (which comprises application fees net of refunds).” “As of September 30, it still had $225.7 million in cash dedicated to the program, which is accounted […]

Do we really need new domain names?

Late last month the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) took the radical step of approving nine new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs): .bike, .clothing, .guru, .camera, .lighting, .voyage, .holdings,  .equipment and .singles.  These gTLDs, while available to registered companies with the appropriate trade marks, will only be released to the public in […]