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Are 10,000 registrations a realistic goal for niche new top level domains?

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So far, most new TLD registries are pricing their domains at a big premium to .com. Will that limit registration numbers? We’re starting to get a better idea of how new top level domain name registries are going to price domain names. It appears many are taking the .TV approach, essentially pricing out any value domainers can get from registering the domains and selling them (if there is much value to capture to begin with). We’re also seeing niche domain priced quite high by some registries. Consider .build, which estimates that “basic” .build domain names will retail for $99. How many domain registrations can .build realistically expect to get? Is 10,000 registrations a realistic goal? Depending on its overhead, that wouldn’t be a bad business. That’s about $1 million a year, with