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274 Objection filings received in the ICANN new gTLDs program

According to ICANN's webinar of 26th March 2013, 274 Objection filings for the new gTLD applications were received. Among these, - 67 String Confusion Objections - 71 Legal Rights Objections - 23 Limited Public Interest Objections - 113 Community Objections The  Objection filings that comply with the Applicant Guidebook will be posted on the Dispute Resolution Service Providers (DRSP) websites. and  formal notifications will be sent to Applicants and Objectors after the release of the Dispute Announcement on 12-April-2013. Filings subject to an extended review will be notified at a later date. Applicants will have 30 days to respond after notification is received.  If fees and responses are not filed by the Applicant, the Objector will prevail by default. - Copies of Applicant responses

Objections To ICANN New gTLD’s Will Not Be Fully Posted Until Mid-April

The official ICANN objection period for the new gTLD’s closed on March 13th, however, ICANN stated that it will not post all objections across all Dispute Resolution Service Providers until mid-April “”The period for filing formal objections to new generic Top-Level Domains began on 13 June 2012 and closed on 13 March 2013 at 23:59 UTC.”" “ICANN will post a list of all Objections filed across all the Dispute Resolution Service Providers by mid-April.” Just today WIPO posted 10 new gTLD objections. Other objectors and applicants have reported filing objections or receiving objections that are not yet published on providers websites. Fairsearch.org reported they filed an objection to Google Applications for the new gTLD for .Search; .Fly and .Map We at TheDomains.com have already repor

Legal Rights Objections filed with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

According to Article 9 of ICANN’s New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure, where the WIPO Center confirms that an Objection complies with Articles 5-8 of the Procedure and the WIPO Rules for New gTLD Dispute Resolution, the WIPO Center shall register the Objection for processing. Information concerning Objections registered for processing can be found below. According to Article 21 of the Procedure, at the conclusion of a case the WIPO Center will post the determination in full on its website, unless in exceptional circumstances the panel has deemed it appropriate to redact portions of its determination. Source   Proposed string to which the objection is directed Objector Applicant Grounds for objection Date of the WIPO Center’s receipt of the objection Determination .delmonte D