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MTN Telecom CEO quits after $5.2bn Nigerian fine

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The CEO of Africa's largest mobile telecoms company, MTN Group, has resigned following two weeks of wrestling with the Nigerian authorities over the imposition of a massive fine. In a statement to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the company announced that Sifiso Dabengwa will leave with immediate effect, to be replaced temporarily by non-executive chairman Phuthuma Nhleko. Chief executive Sifiso Dabengwa tendered his resignation with immediate effect, saying it was "in the interest of the company and its shareholders". The fine, which amounts to double MTN's profit last year, was for failing to cut off unregistered mobile users. The firm was given until 16 November, just two weeks, to pay the penalty. The fine amounts to ₦200,000 ($1,000) for every customer who should have been disco

SEACOM targets African enterprise market with fibre Internet and cloud services

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SEACOM has entered the enterprise market, promising best-in-class connectivity and Cloud services that bring business customers lightning–fast bandwidth at highly competitive prices. It aims to shake up the enterprise connectivity space by offering businesses high-speed connectivity and quality bandwidth at an affordable price. Reports Businesstech SEACOM’s Business division is already signing up more than 20 corporate and SME customers a month, since a soft launch of its enterprise offering a year ago. It has also appointed more than 20 business partners to support its drive into the new market. Its fibre Internet access services have been available since January 2015, and have received positive feedback from the marketplace. Last-mile fibre is a major focus for SEACOM in the corpora

African cybercrime laws have loopholes, most countries yet to draft tough legislations

Big loopholes lurk in African cybercrime law – where it even exists reports theconversation.com Since May 2011 the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – the UN agency that specialises in information and communication technology – has worked with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to help countries mitigate against the risks posed by cybercrime. Large-scale gaps According to the ITU, out of the 52 countries that it looked at in Africa, 44 do not criminalise computer-facilitated offenses. Only two have legislation deemed sufficient to combat online sexual abuse, and 40 do not have any legislation at all addressing online child sexual abuse. Nearly all – 49 countries – do not criminalise the simple possession and distribution of indecent images of children, and 51 of the countr

South Africa among countries to miss crucial digital migration deadline: ITU

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A recent ITU report ITU lists South Africa among nations that have failed to even start a digital migration process. South Africa then joins non-starter digital migration countries which include Armenia, Bangladesh, Belize, the Central African Republic, Comoros, Egypt, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Namibia, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone and Turkey. According to an article by TechCentral, Consequences for countries that have missed the ITU digital migration deadline include having to deal with signal clashes between analogue and digital, said Sanjay Acharya — who is the chief of media relations and public information at the ITU. “They will have an obligation to immediately resolve any harmful interference that may occur, eith
Future of African banking is mobile

Future of African banking is mobile

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“In the next three to five years the vast majority of our transactions will be performed on smart-mobile devices.” Retail banking is experiencing a seismic shift in customer behaviour thanks to the digital revolution that continues to effect fundamental changes in the way businesses and individuals transact. Nowhere is this metamorphosis in customer behaviour more profound than in Africa. While much has been written about the rise of Africa’s middle class, which is expected to reach half a billion people by 2030, less is known about the extraordinary growth in mobile and broadband penetration on the continent. An Ericsson Mobility report shows that mobile subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa will rise to 930 million by the end of 2019, from 635 million at the end of 2014. To put that gr

UK Ditches Cash For Cards, Africa Continues to Expand Mobile Money

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2014 marks the first time that UK ‘non-cash’ payments outnumbered cash payments, in a total of 18 billion transactions. In its report, the UK Payments Council analyzed how cash was used by consumers in 2014 and how it could evolve in the next ten years. All in all, cashless payments in the UK continued their steady albeit slow rise in 2014, with 52% of all payments made via mobiles, the Internet or through debit cards and cheques. With Scandanavian countries, the UK is one of Europe’s fastest cashless growing societies while the rest of the EU tries (or not) to play catch up. Always at the forefront of innovative payment services, the UK has, for instance, introduced contactless payments already in 2007. Initially limited at £10, the contactless payment service was recently bumped up to £3

South Africa: Digital Migration: too little, too late

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Kenya is in the progress of migrating to the digital signal platform. It is reported that South Africa has failed to migrate to digital broadcasting, now we have to live with the consequences, writes Alistair Fairweather. On June 17 South Africa will miss a vital deadline. Unlike dozens of other countries (many of them African) we have failed to migrate from analogue to digital broadcasting. Now we will have to live with the consequences. This deadline might sound like technical mumbo-jumbo but it will affect every South African who watches free-to-air television – in other words the vast majority of our population. In the worst case scenario – a version of which is currently playing out in Kenya – we will be forced to stop broadcasting in analogue and millions of television sets will

Is Cybercrime on the rise in South Africa?

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The recent announcement by the National Protection Authority of South Africa (NPA) revealed that 177  cybercrime cases had been finalised in the past year, and has highlighted the need for individuals to make sure that they are adequately protected from hackers. This is according to Athol Wesselink, Chief Technical Engineer at OpenWeb – a nationwide internet service provider, who says that consumers must take preventative measures to ensure that their protection infrastructure makes hacking into their personal online platforms a laborious task for cyber-criminals. “While advanced cyber-criminals are usually able to hack into any account or system they set their sights on, individuals can mitigate the risk by ensuring that their systems and accounts are as well protected as possible and

ZACR hikes prices for South African internet domains

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Registering or renewing co.za, org.za, net.za, and web.za domains will cost more from 1 March 2015, the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) has told its domain registrars. Reports MyBroadband South Africa's ZA Central Registry has informed registrars about a price hike for .ZA domain registrations and renewals.  ZACR CEO Lucky Masilela said the wholesale price of registrations through the extensible provisioning protocol (EPP) system would become ZAR 45, while legacy registrations would increase to ZAR 90. Currently. EPP costs ZAR 35, while legacy registrations cost ZAR 65.88. These price increases were approved in November 2014, and were originally set to take effect on 16 February. Further price increases to legacy registrations of ZAR 10 per year will be implemented annually from 01 March, u

South African Standard Bank’s internet, ATM services suffer technical glitch

South African banking group Standard Bank has suffered a technical glitch on Monday morning. Reports ItWebAfrica Standard Bank customers have taken to Twitter to air their grievances. Complaints range from Standard Bank’s internet banking being down to ATM withdrawals not working. @ShereneJoy tweeted "what's the problem? I still can't log in to Internet banking." While @sweetcaroln also took to the social network and said, "I can't even withdraw money??!!" Standard Bank's banking application also seemed to be down as customers were unable to access it. @Tha_MuziK tweeted, "Err, there is a technical error with the app. It's been like that all morning. Wanted to know what's going on?" The bank has responded on Twitter saying, "We apologise for all the technical difficulties that our cl