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Automakers benefit from new-age tech.

Automakers benefit from new-age tech.

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  Even before the coronavirus spread around the world, automakers were questioning the resiliency of a globally linked supply chain that had been ground to a halt by components production bottlenecks in China. They now have to attract buyers back into the new vehicle industry, despite mounting evidence that demand for new vehicles was already declining. From manufacturing to sales to distribution, India's car industry is leveraging technology to improve productivity and profitability across processes and platforms. Covid-19 hit several industries hard and forced firms to pivot, innovate and adopt new technologies at a much faster pace. This digital transformation equipped them to meet emerging customer demands across touchpoints. The automotive industry was no exception t...

Safaricom Foundation Launches $500K Tech for Good Fund

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Safaricom has set aside Ksh 5om ($500,000) social entrepreneurs out there but to the many who still believe in welfare, this is a great move for them as Safaricom Foundation announces a Ksh 50m fund for social entreprises. VC and PE firms see entrepreneurship as business and every business should make a dime of whatever service it offers. Like economists of the old and markets, VC’s see startups as business that should be left alone to meet demand with their own supply. Innovation has to solve a problem and people have to be willing to pay for that solution if it’s really fitting. Safaricom says the Sh50 million Technology for Good Fund will empower young innovators with the potential to deliver significant and impactful solutions that leverage mobile technologies. “Our overall aim is t

Connected Kenya Summit: Does this annual event enhance Kenya’s tech sector?

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It’s that time of the year again, when all top government, private sector, media, academia and regulatory personalities in the ICT sector troop to Mombasa for the annual ICT Conference dubbed the “Connected Kenya Summit”. This year’s event will be held in Diani, Mombasa, from 14th to 17th April, 2014 under the theme “Breaking the Barriers to ICT Project Implementation”.  This summit has been held consistently since 2009, and five years down the line, analysts are struggling to pin-point where exactly the value-add arising from this summit is. Critics feel the summit is simply an opportunity for government technocrats to earn generous per-diems at fully paid-for luxury resorts, while simultaneously enjoying attention and lobbying from big-moneyed corporates wishing to strike that

WhatsApp Messages May Not Actually Be Private or Secure

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NEW DELHI: If you use WhatsApp on an Android phone, you should be careful about what you talk about or share on the instant messaging app. Using a few scripts and a rogue app, anyone can peer into your chat logs and see what you talk about with your friends. A Dutch security consultant has found that WhatsApp chat logs saved on the SD card of an Android phone can be read by other apps because of the way Android allows sharing of data between apps. "The WhatsApp database is saved on the SD card which can be read by any Android application if the user allows it to access the SD card. And since majority of the people allows everything on their Android device, this is not much of a problem," Bas Bosschert wrote on his blog. "What do we need to steal someone's WhatsApp database? First we nee...