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Has the potential of ICTs to reduce conflict in Africa been over-hyped?

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Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and new media have often been viewed as a solution to Africa’s myriad problems, including poor governance, conflict and poverty. From the M-Pesa mobile banking system in Kenya to the aggressive adoption of e-governance in Rwanda, the role of ICTs in improving Africa’s economy and governance systems cannot be underestimated. Writes Rasna Warah on cgcsblog However, while innovations and the use of ICTs on the African continent are on the rise, they have not necessarily reduced the threat of conflict. Evidence of a direct correlation between increased ICT penetration and innovations and peace and stability on the continent is sketchy at best, and quite often anecdotal, based usually on the innovators’ own assessment of the technology and its

Is Bureaucracy stifling SA government’s technology efforts?

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Bureaucracy in South Africa’s government is holding it back from adopting technology more quickly to help boost service delivery. This is according to David Mphelo (pictured), who is networking technology firm Cisco’s executive director for public sector business in South Africa. Cisco is in a bid to work with South Africa’s government and private sector to help roll out what the company calls ‘the internet of everything’: a concept that envisages connecting the likes of cars, traffic lights, buildings and even trees. According to a Cisco study, the internet of everything may generate $14.3 billion in value for South Africa’s public sector over the next decade. But question marks exist over the South African government’s seriousness regarding technology adoption. South Africa, for

Google’s Project Link: A US$14 million Metronet in Kampala to open up the market

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Google has a global ambition to get Internet access available more widely (see Brett St Clair video link on access at the bottom of this story). This week it announced the launch of a Metronet in Kampala designed to open up the market. Russell Southwood spoke to Google’s Access Field Director, Kai Wulff about what it’s setting out to achieve. Project Link Video: Source Google Google has been looking at the supply chain in Sub-Saharan Africa and wanting to find a way of intervening that would break down market blockages and ultimately reduce retail prices for users. However, it’s always been very clear that it did not want to get into direct provision of retail bandwidth:”We wanted to do something where we put our money where our mouth was that could really influence the ecosystem of th

Africa’s most active ICT regions

Based on information being supplied to media, Africa’s ICT industry is growing – boosted by the advent of mobile product and services, but sustaining this momentum is dependent on the identification and implementation of the right investment in ICT, skills and innovation, as well as connectivity. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report 2013, South Africa ranks 70th out of 144 economies surveyed. In the global audit, sub-Saharan Africa is not faring much better either, as the report suggested that a number of regions are not doing enough to boost connectivity. “Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa still suffer from a serious lag despite infrastructure improvements, an expansion of coverage and a push into e-government.” more