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Google Accused of Privacy Breaches

Google Accused of Privacy Breaches

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Technology giant Google has been accused of privacy breaches, misleading account holders over how much of their personal data was being collected and how it would be used. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission started legal proceedings against Google on Monday. A claim filed in Australia's Federal Court alleges Google misled millions of Australians to obtain their consent to gather additional personal data. The ACCC claims that Google wanted the extra data concerning users' internet activity to target advertising but neglected to obtain the consent necessary to collect it. "We allege that Google did not obtain explicit consent from customers to take this step,” said Rod Sims, the commission’s chair, in a statement. “The ACCC considers that consumers effectively pay
Can Technology curb corruption?

Can Technology curb corruption?

Governance, Technology
Technology is changing and challenging governments around the world. With data analytics and artificial intelligence, new technologies present governments with tremendous opportunities to improve public services, get better value-for-money, and curb corruption. Governments need to become fit-for-purpose in the digital era. Faced with the rising expectations of digital natives, they realize that business-as-usual is over. In Chile, for example, the current social malaise reflects frustrated aspirations of the new, yet vulnerable middle-class. Bureaucracies are developing a greater appetite for new ways of thinking and doing. Progressive governments are pushing public agencies to be more tech-savvy and data-thirsty, willing to take risks and learning to adapt faster. In...

‘Sophia Bekele Scholarship Fund’ announced during Nazareth School Addis Ababa 60th Anniversary

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The Nazareth School Addis Ababa celebrated its 60th Anniversary on 3rd January 2015 at the Sheraton Hotel, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The celebrations brought together alimni from all over the world to give thanks and pledge ways to develop the Institution that has attained 60 years since it was founded as an institution for the training of young girls and women. During the event, Sophia Bekele in her Keynote remarks announced  'Sophia Bekele Scholarship Fund'  in the sum of Birr 100,000.00 (One hundred thousand Ethiopian Birr) for the benefit of Nazareth School students. "This amount would be drawn-down and disbursed to the Nazareth School to the most deserving students of the school on the basis of academic excellence and leadership achievement, "she said. Sophia also implored the girls a

New Report Analyzes Global Wireless Sensor Network Technology Trends

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New Report Analyzes Global Wireless Sensor Network Technology Trends Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Wireless Sensor Network Technology Trends 2014: igBee, Bluetooth Smart, Low Power WiFi, IEEE 802.15.4, EnOcean, Z-Wave, Dash7, and Wavenis" report to their offering. WSN technologies are becoming available in more useful forms than simple protocol specifications and chipsets. Modules are becoming more sophisticated and more capable of meeting the demands of a broad market opportunity across all WSN technology types. A broad majority of the market opportunity for wireless sensor networks exists in applications that represent smaller individual market volumes, not worth the development costs entailed in producing a chip for many of the large semiconductor m...

How Data-Driven Solutions Can Transform Health

Over the past few decades, the relationship between health, data and technology has dramatically evolved, and has increased access to information about health issues. As a result, individuals, communities and companies are becoming more knowledgeable and are better equipped to make healthier choices.  At the center of this profound shift is what many have referred to as the Quantified Self movement, which aims to use technology to monitor and collect data about various aspects of daily life including behavior, mood, and health. At the same time, the utilization of “big data” is providing academics, institutions and governments with better tools to inform macro-level decisions regarding health policy and access. Today, wearable personal tracking devices have taken self-monitoring to the ne
A future made in Africa: 50 Trailblazers under 50 MADE IN AFRICA includes a .africa applicant

A future made in Africa: 50 Trailblazers under 50 MADE IN AFRICA includes a .africa applicant

Trailblazers under 50 includes Obama, Didier Drogba, Hadeel Ibrahim among other African icons of influence. The NewAfrican a leading pan-African current affairs magazine an IC, in its May collector’s edition, looks at a Future Made in Africa and, in a 60 page supplement. This coincides with the African Union Formerly OAU jubilee celebration. The release focuses more on infrastructural, innovative and economic reflections on the work of individuals throughout Africa who have in one way or the other catalyzed a remarkable project in their daily activities. The edition has internationally renowned Ghanaian designer Ozwald Boateng, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and founder of the Made in Africa Foundation as the guest editor.  Other distinguished editorial contributors include T