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Safaricom withdraws decision to terminate post-pay tariff

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In Summary Rather than cancel the tariffs, Safaricom says it will either increase the cost of each bundle or decrease its size at the current rates to maintain its customers while ensuring profitability. The telecoms firm last year announced that the tariff would be shelved as it was loss-making. The Karibu post-paid tariff currently has two price plans; customers pay either Sh1,000 or Sh2,500 per month for a mix of talk time, text messages and data bundles. Safaricom has hinted that it will only revise terms of use for its Karibu post-paid tariff, offering reprieve to more than 100,000 subscribers who were braced for termination of the service. Reports Mugambi Mutegi  of nationmedia.com The telecoms firm last year stopped taking applications from new subscribers and annou

Africa to dwarf USA in Internet Usage by 2017 Cisco Predicts

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Carlos Slim of Telmex tells me the world is about to change. "Two billion more people will connect to the Internet when smartphones cost $50. The phone makers are promising me a $50 phone in 2014." If Spreadtrum and Firefox deliver a $25 smartphone, as promised, that could accelerate takeover. ~310,000,000 Africans will be connected to the Internet in 2017, Arielle Sumits of Cisco predicts. The population of the U.S. is about 310,000,000, Africa over a billion. It's inevitable that the U.S. will be dwarfed by the rest of the world. In Africa, there are already about 450,000,000 mobile phone users with substantial growth continuing. Most of them will get Internet-capable phones in the next few years. There are fewer than 10M broadband landlines on the continent, about one line per hundred...