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2015 Predictions: US Exceptionalism in internet governance and Cyber security

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2015 promises to be a great year in internet governance matters, cyber security has already hit the headlines early in the year.  Other issues on focus include the role of the US Congress in the ICANN/IANA transition. Read the expert opinion on the predictions for 2015 on CircleID article "Wikileaks 2012, NSA 2013, NTIA Mishaps & Global Cyber Crime 2014: U.S. Exceptionalism over IG 2015?" below; Wikileaks 2012, NSA 2013, NTIA Mishaps & Global Cyber Crime 2014: U.S. Exceptionalism over IG 2015? The internet has become almost part of our daily involvement and reality is that it affects every facet of our modern lives. We are increasingly becoming dependent on the Internet, for which reason its availability, functionality, safety, stability and security are now of great and continui

US Congress on the Future of the Internet. 4 issues to watch out for

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The net neutrality fight will enter a new phase on Tuesday when the embattled head of the Federal Communications Commission faces questioning from Congress over his controversial proposal to revamp how the Internet works. Writes Gerry Smith on Huffingtonpost FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's solo appearance before the House subcommittee on communications and technology comes just days after the commission voted 3 to 2 to move forward with proposed rules that would allow Internet providers to charge Web companies like Netflix for faster access to customers. The proposed rules sparked a firestorm of criticism from advocates and tech companies who believe a so-called "two-lane Internet" would violate the popular notion of net neutrality, or the idea that all Web traffic should be treated equally. I
DotConnectAfrica goes to Washington

DotConnectAfrica goes to Washington

In their latest press release, DotConnectAfrica the applicant for the .africa gTLD, has given an update on their meetings in Washington D.C. with congressional staffers in pertinent committees to discuss the general and specific issues conveyed in its letter to Congress. This follows their February 2013 letter to Congress , the press release gives an Update on Letter of Escalation to the U.S. Congress as follows, It may be recalled that DCA Trust had sent an official letter to the United States Congress in February 2013 to escalate its complaints and grievances over the new gTLD program. The letter was jointly addressed to Senator John Rockefeller, Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation; and Honorable Congressman Greg Walden, Chairman of t...

DotConnectAfrica sent appeals letter to United States Congress for an independent Ombudsman warning for a successful outcome of the new gTLD program by ICANN

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“it is important that any new Internet Expansion Initiative such as the new gTLD program be seen as an important test of mettle for ICANN, and for this organization that is under (the IANA) contract to the United States Government to deliver such a new gTLD program successfully.   Any failure will be roundly seen as ICANN’s inability to demonstrate to the global community of nations that it is a competent U.S.-based institution that can handle Global Internet Governance and question why this status quo must be preserved.” DotConnectAfrica an organization that is reputed for a 6 year composite program to set up a registry recently  has written an appeal letter to the US Congress, addressing Honorable Senator John ‘Jay’ Rockefeller IV  Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on  Com