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Worry brewing over New Windows 10 Feature ‘Wi-Fi Sense’ That Shares Crowd Sourced Passwords

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Microsoft has dropped a major security clanger with a new feature in Windows 10 that has been pinpointed as a glaring security hole - less than one month before the new operating system is due to launch, reports computing.co.uk Wi-Fi Sense, which actually debuted in Windows Phone, enables a user to share access to Wi-Fi networks that require a password for access with all their contacts - in Skype, Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) and even Facebook. That means that when their contacts pass a Wi-Fi network that they have a password for, it will enable them to access the network without having to ask for the password. While it doesn't directly reveal the password to everyone the user has ever sent an email to, it does mean that the password is taken and stored, not just on the origin...