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Is Windows 8 ‘the New Vista’ ?

Microsoft employees reportedly refer to Windows 8 as "the new Vista," a nickname guaranteed to make company executives cringe -- and a perception that's hastening the arrival of Windows 9. Respected blogger Paul Thurrott, who covers Windows on WinSupersite.com, disclosed the nickname in a tweet. "Can we call Windows 8 the new Vista? Not so fast, analyst says." Call it what you want. That's what they call it inside of Microsoft. — Paul Thurrott (@thurrott) January 17, 2014 Although Windows 8 has received a somewhat warmer welcome from IT professionals and end-users than Vista (How could it have been colder?), Win 8 has suffered from slow sales traction. More than a year after it debuted, Win 8 (plus Win 8.1) passed the 10 percent marketshare figure, according to NetMarketshare. Overall, h