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YouTube Terms of Service have been updated

YouTube Terms of Service have been updated

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  YouTube has amended its Terms of Service, which will take effect on January 5th, 2022. YouTube's terms of service have been updated, and it impacts almost every user. YouTube's terms of service have been updated, and it impacts almost every user will  get. The modifications made should not have a substantial impact on your platform access. Users will soon be required to read and apply the revised YouTube Terms of Service as well as Google's Privacy Policy to their YouTube videos. Here are a few changes to the YouTube terms of service that were just modified for all YouTube users as of January 5, 2022. " On January 5, 2022, we’re updating our Terms of Service (“Terms”) to help clarify and make it easier to understand what to expect as you use the service. These changes

Tech Milestone as Both WhatsApp And Gmail Reach The 1 Billion Users Mark

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It is a great week for technology as two tech giants reach the I Billion users mark. Google announced that Gmail, its email service had 1 billion monthly active users. Gmail joined the list of other Google platforms that have also gathered 1 billion users namely, Google Search, Android, Chrome, YouTube et.al. Gmail had hit the 900,000 user mark sometime before May 2015. This was followed by Facebook’s announcement that WhatsApp had reached the 1 billion mark. This meant that the WhatsApp figures had more than doubled since Facebook acquired it two years ago. The announcement came after WhatsApp announced that it would be made completely free and remain ad free. An overjoyed Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to share his joy in a post that read: “One billion people now use WhatsApp. Congr

WhatsApp dominates Africa’s mobile traffic

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Sandvine has released its latest Global Internet Phenomena report, which revealed what people use their broadband services for. According to the report, Africa is a region with potential for growth, but few understand what the traffic composition in the region is. “Thanks to being deployed in over 20 networks in the region, Sandvine is able to publish mobile usage statistics for a third straight year,” the company said In North America, mobile Internet traffic is dominated by YouTube and Facebook says Sandvine. YouTube accounts for nearly 20 percent of all mobile traffic, and Facebook tops 16 percent. In  Africa, for instance, in terms of mobile traffic, the continent’s most dominant service is a tool that many in the US haven’t even heard of: WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the smartphone messagi

Facebook launches live broadcasting to select non-verified U.S. users

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For nearly the past four months, Facebook has had a live-streaming service that’s sought to rival what Periscope, Ustream, or YouTube offer. But the service has been limited to celebrities and those with verified profiles. Now, the social networking company has revealed that it’s testing its live video offering with more people. Facebook hasn’t given a time frame for releasing this feature to the general public, but it’s not an easy thing to scale, according to a new engineering post. We do know that the company is starting with a “small percentage” of iPhone users within the U.S. If you’re one of the select few, you’ll notice a “Live Video” option in the “Update Status” dialog box within Facebook’s app — you won’t be using Facebook Mentions. “Building live video for Facebook was a challe

YouTube marks 10 years by opening new studios for filmmakers

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It was 10 years ago to the day that the global phenomenon that is YouTube was born, when Jawed Karim uploaded and starred in the first ever video on the file sharing website. Reports IBTimes The then 25 year-old posted the 19-second clip titled "Me at the Zoo" on 23 April 2005 at 20:27 PDT, which was filmed at San Diego Zoo's elephant enclosure. The unassuming video in praise of elephants, marked the humble beginnings of the third most-popular website on the planet. Karim co-founded YouTube along with former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. A self-professed nerd, the Bangladeshi-German internet entrepreneur was credited with having created PayPal's real-time anti-fraud system during his tenure with the company. Obsessed with technology and learning, Karim originally dreame

Time: Facebook Video Uploads Reportedly Overtake YouTube

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New data suggests users are bypassing YouTube and uploading videos directly to social media Facebook users uploaded more videos directly to their social media feed rather than pull videos from YouTube, according to new data that suggests Facebook is becoming the platform of choice for video sharing. Social media analysts at Socialbakers tracked data across 20,000 Facebook pages belonging to public figures and companies. They observed a drop in the share of videos coming from YouTube as the number of videos coming directly from users increased, Business Insider reports. For the first time, user-uploaded videos surpassed YouTube videos in November. The shift comes not long after Facebook tweaked its video playback feature so that scenes would begin playing automatically as the user scroll...

Video Quality Report: Don’t Blame Us for Slow YouTubes, Says Google

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Google has unveiled Google Video Quality Report, “a simple tool to see the level of video quality your Internet service provider can play YouTube.” U.S. and Canada-based YouTube watchers can run it on their machines starting now. Reports Wired.com According to Google, the report measures the speed at which video bytes are transferred from the host server to your screen and delivers a rating: either YouTube HD verified, Standard Definition, or Lower Definition. The rating report is based on anonymized data from billions of users collected over a 30-day period. The above video explains Google’s reasoning behind launching the report, which basically sums up as: It sucks when a YouTube video takes forever to load. But the real reason for the report is to convince you that it is rarely Google

Turkey Blocks Access to YouTube days after Twitter ban

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Turkey has blocked access to YouTube, just a week after the country blocked Twitter, and only three days ahead of local elections in the country. Turkish netizens started reporting the block after 10:30 a.m. ET. The ban was ordered on Thursday after leaked recordings of a security meeting were published on YouTube, according to Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey may lift the ban if YouTube agrees to remove the leaked audio recordings, according to a source inside the prime minister office consulted by Reuters. It's unclear at this point if Google will agree to that since the company already refused to remove videos alleging government corruption last week. The video that led to the block was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday by an anonymous user, according to Reuters. The video purported to be an a...