Twitter shows interest for its own Brand domain, but will there be 2nd Round of applications?

Twitter gTLD
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Twitter could be planning to apply for its own brand gTLD .Twitter according to an article published by for the second round of new gtld expansion. This being a lingering interest from many big firms, could be a promise for a probable surge in new gTLD applications. Given how ICANN has managed the first round of the applications, it could be unlikely that a second round would be coming soon.

Stephen Coates is trademark counsel for the social media giant, he told that he doesn’t know exactly which extensions they would apply for, but that he would imagine .Twitter being high on the list.

Interestingly Coates said the jury was still out on whether or not there are marketing benefits by using a new gtld, but he did think there were other benefits including security.

From the article:

“Some of the more interesting things gTLDs will offer are, number one, security. The only way you can maintain control of all servers and a domain name experience is by operating your own gTLD. Because at some point there is going be a server you can’t control.”

“I have been very vocal in promoting and supporting a second round,” Coates said, but he argued that there needs to be some improvements to rights protection mechanisms and application review.

“I am supportive of an ongoing revolving application process that puts an expedited review process for ‘dot brands’ … Brands are where the innovation in the gTLD space is going to happen.”

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