Uber Nairobi is Now Accepting Cash and Mobile Money Payments

Uber Nairobi
Uber Nairobi

Uber Nairobi just launched a cash payments experiment, making it the second city in which it is doing this. It is not unlike the experiment they began in Hyderabad, India, in May 2015, reports TechCabal

“Uber the innovative smartphone app that seamlessly connects riders to drivers, has launched a cash test pilot in Nairobi, Kenya today”, the official release dated the 4th of June (today) stated.

All the rider has to do is select the cash payment option when they take a ride, and hand over the money to the driver at the end of the trip.

And it’s not just cash payments. Via email correspondence with an Uber representative, TechCabal has learnt that riders in Nairobi will also be able to pay using the mobile money options including M-Pesa and Airtel Money.

Why is Uber experimenting with cash payments?

Because it makes sense.

Standard Uber is cashless. It works by collecting and storing card details, which is pretty convenient in most places. But in emerging markets, cards don’t work for many reasons. Sometimes its because the banks in a country are not supported by international payments processors. Other times, it’s user acceptance that is limited — people are not using cards

India, for instance, has both problems. Interestingly, Uber has been flexible enough to try and accommodate these payment quirks in markets that are big enough to justify it. India certainly qualifies, and has in fact been the market in which Uber has been the most willing to experiment with card alternatives.