Will Facebook’s Messenger Cannibalize WhatsApp. App downloads surpassed!

Facebook Inc. Messenger Update Could Cannibalize WhatsApp

A latest Facebook Messenger update that allows it to be used even by those who don’t have a Facebook account, has made the Messenger have an extra feature much like WhatsApp. The latest development is intended to increase user engagement, while the Messenger now competes with other rival applications such as WhatsApp, which, interestingly, is also owned by Facebook. Reports Bidnessetc

Messenger has collected 646.6 million downloads, according to data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, while the Facebook app had 568 million downloads in the same period.

Messenger has been available as a standalone app since late 2011. Last year, Facebook announced it will be forcing mobile users to download the separate app and not allowing them to chat through the main Facebook app any more.

The survey showed 92% of respondents use Facebook-owned WhatsApp for instant messaging, followed by Facebook Messenger with 55%. Read more

The new update to Facebook’s Messenger service could gain considerable traction in regions where many potential users of the chat-app are not active Facebook account holders. This could make the Messenger service immensely popular in places like Africa and Asia, much like WhatsApp. Some, however, fear that it might eventually cannibalize users from WhatsApp.

Will this new Messenger app feature canibalize WhatsApp?