Will new gTLD SEO change search landscape?

searchIt’s been known for quite a bit of time the importance of a domain name and its ability to provide businesses with search ranking advantages. Writes 

I’m sure if business owners would have known the outcome of the Internet and the .com craze of the mid 90’s some twenty years ago, I’m sure most would give thousands of dollars to go back in time to have purchase their premium .com of choice when they were free or cost a few hundred dollars.

There were millions and millions of domains and keywords floating around with little to no financial investment. You just simply had to be a risk taker, gambler, or saw just a glimpse of what the Internet could and would become.

It’s always difficult to predict and know the future from where we stand today, although it is much easier to take a 20/20 glance back down memory lane and see all the signs pointing to your current position. Read more