Windows 10 takes a second swing at the future of Microsoft’s OS

Windows 10We’ve had a few months to get familiar with the Windows 10 Technical Preview, but Microsoft is gearing up to provide us with quite a bit more info at an event on Wednesday, January 21. We’ll be there live, and will update this story once we spend some time with the latest version. Until then, this is our deep dive into the technical preview of Windows 10 that was released in the fall. reports Nate Ralph of CNET

The Windows 10 technical preview barely scratches the surface of what Microsoft has promised is coming down the pipe for it’s latest OS. It’s also buggy, and definitely shouldn’t be installed on your primary PC. But this fledgling operating system is at once panacea and prescience, a remedy for Windows 8’s identity-crisis that also rethinks and reworks the overly-bold approach to Microsoft’s dream of unifying the desktop and mobile experience. Read more