Zuku back on top reclaiming fixed internet


Zuku back on top reclaiming fixed internet spot from Safaricom

Fixed internet connections in Kenya crossed the 500,000 mark for the first time in the quarter ending 31 December 2019 boosted by growth of the major service providers.

Overall, the total number of customers of fixed internet connections rose by 10% from 454,840 in September 2019 to 500,888 as at December 2019.

ZUKU reclaimed top spot from Safaricom Home Fibre by adding 23,885 new subscribers to end the period with 175,433 connections. Meanwhile, Safaricom added 11,207 new subscriptions to bring their total to 165,810 connections.

This now means that Zuku has a 35 percent market share compared to Safaricom’s 33.1 percent. Jamii Telecommunication’s is third with 17.1 percent market share.

Source: Communications Authority

Safaricom had overtaken Zuku for the first time in Q1 2019 (period between July and September 2019).

Its market share stood 33 percent in December compare to 34 percent in September.

“During the period under review, fibre-to-the-office/home data/internet subscriptions recorded the highest number of broadband subscriptions,” the regulator said in the report.

The regulator also broke down for the first time the number of fixed fiber optic data subscribers. The total number is usually a summation of fixed cable modem subscribers, fixed fiber optic, fixed DSL data and other fixed data subscribers.

Interestingly, Wananchi Group took back the top spot from Safaricom in the fixed data market. Safaricom had passed them last quarter but now they are back with a bang.

These returns have an asterisk where they also include numbers for Wananchi Telecom’s subsidiaries (Wananchi Telcom and Simbanet). Safaricom is second with 165,810 subscriptions, up from 154,603 subscriptions reported last quarter. Wananchi Group and Safaricom now control 68.1% of the fixed data market.

Zuku’s 500Mbps claim cannot be ascertained by us as we don’t have access to their service, and neither have we recently used their internet. However, if the company is to be believed – especially since their website currently Does  not list the 500Mbps package – then on paper they are right about having the fastest speeds. Safaricom’s highest speed offering for Home Fibre.